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Sport is not merely a form of exercise - it is co-ordination, about co-operation and building team spirit; an art of excelling and learning to strive to be the best. In recent times sport has transferred from merely a hobby to a career opportunity with huge money at stake. These developments open a new vista of activities and opportunities.
Fourth Dimension International Limited (FDIL)
Fourth Dimension International Limited (FDIL) was incorporated with an aim to redefine sports education - give it the competitive edge, blended with working as a team for helping build careers.
FDIL aims at excelling and aiming to be the best and provide standards of the highest quality.
FDIL & Cricket Australia
Formed with an objective to provide world class education in different forms of sport. The company has forayed into this with its first venture in partnership with Cricket Australia (CA) to globally provide Cricket Education Program (CEP) to school students. It is the first ever comprehensive education program in the world which is conceived, written and designed by CA the official cricket body of Australia. Needless to say Cricket Australia are perfectionist in technique and the game in the world.

FDIL aims to venture into other sports such as football, badminton, tennis, chess, etc in the near future. The board of directors are leaders in their field with wide experience of not only cricket but also business, media, finance, marketing and sports, thereby providing a range of expertise and knowledge to enable them to successfully conduct the business.

Fourth Dimension International Limited
FDIL aims at excelling and aiming to be the best...
Cricket Education Program - world class education in forms of sport...
Cricket Education Program