There is not even an iota of doubt in anybody’s mind that Cricket offers multiple opportunities not just for players but for all those who are associated with the game in some way or the other.

With Cricket Education Program, FDIL offers an opportunity to get associated and be part of the CEP ever growing family in 6 simple steps!

Step 1:
Expression of Interest from prospective Master Franchisee with company profile, promoters’ background, marketing strategy and projections.
Step 2:
Assessment and In principle approval from FDIL and CA.
Step 3:
Signing of Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement between FDIL and prospective Master Franchisee.
Step 4:
FDIL to share Project details with the prospective Master Franchisee.
Step 5:
Final Proposal along with Marketing Plan from prospective Master Franchisee.
Step 6:
Signing of the Master Franchisee Agreement.